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A boiler alert system at a fraction of the cost. It requires no Wi-Fi or landline as it runs using 4G or 5G cellular service.
Avoid costly repairs and start saving money with Boiler Alerts!

Why Choose Us Boiler alerts will notify you of the following

Low Water Alert:

In the event your boiler does not come on due to low water, an alert will go out. This condition can occur when you have leaks in your return line and your automatic feeder is not working

Low or High Domestic Hot Water Alerts

Too hot or too cold? No one wants to be scalded in the shower or take cold shower. The range of alerts can be adjusted by you in the event the domestic hot water reaches above 140 degrees or below 100 degrees.

High Flue Gas Temperature

Don't let your money go up the chimney! High flue gas temperature, also known as stack temperature, is very important for boiler efficiency. The average boiler stack temperature has to be between 240 degrees and 475 degree maximum. Once you have exceeded the recommended stack temperature the efficiency begins to decline quickly.

Boiler Run Times

How long your boiler runs to make heat to satisfy your thermostat or heat control is crucial. Why? Too short of a cycle or too long (over 45 minutes!) is a symptom that you are under firing or over firing your boiler. Stop wasting money with these boiler cycles.

Remote on/off

Turning your boiler on and off remotely will save you money on those mild days during the winter without affecting the hot water.

Boiler stops working?

Get real time alerts via text or email providing a quicker response time.

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Boiler Alerts will send out alerts when your boiler stops working and when service is mandatory. This will save you time and money by alerting you of potential problems before costly repairs are needed. It is not a monitoring service, but with Boiler Alerts you will have the ability to be one step ahead of potential problems.
Boiler Alerts is ideal for:

  • Property owners of all sizes
  • Management firms with any number of buildings in their portfolio
  • Mechanical contractors
The GPS feature allows you to see the locations of the mechanics in order to dispatch the closest one to the building in need. Sign up now to begin saving.

Eliminate 311 Calls

By installing Boiler Alerts 311 heat and hot water complaints are a thing of the past. No more violations!

lack of building services

Providing continued services to the building make happier residents, which allows easier rentals and less tenant turn overs.

Annoying tenant complaints

Reduce tenant complaints. Less complaints allows you peace of mind as well as time to focus on more productive tasks.

Improving boiler efficiency

Knowing your flue gas temperature let’s you maintain the efficiency of your boiler. Why waste money?


Just like your body gives you symptoms of illness, Boiler Alerts allows you to effectively recognize your boiler health. Simple, real time alerts allows you to take action before serious problem occur.

A Boiler Alerts Subscription Gets you Full Access to our Portal Where You Can:
View your Boiler Functions in Real Time
Have Full Control Over Who Gets the Alerts
Full Control Over Parameter Changes
Quick View of Your Boilers Vital Statistics.
Get The Full Picture Of All Your Boilers Performance At One Quick Glance On Your:
PC Laptop Tablet Phone

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